How Instagram can attract customers to your website

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 4:17 pm

Not only will Instagram bring more visibility to your online business, it additionally assists in attracting more subscribers to your blog, as well as offers a chance for new connections upon your additional social networks.

Instagram tips 2015

It is vital that you know how you can successfully post upon this rising star to attract more shares, likes, and followers. Starting with a username which is consistent with your additional Internet profiles, the branded image also should be reflected so that the brand easily is recognizable in this very competitive place. Begin to create a winning marketing plan today with these 5 tips:

Develop standout videos and images

Instagram includes a visual network, and therefore, it’s crucial that you post quality videos and photos as much as you can. They can be a blend of your day-to-day business activities and events, useful tips, personal photographs, announcements, and much more.

Interact with and follow influencers

It does not matter whether your account is dormant or if you’ve had action on it recently. Your brand can begin right now by posting content and following the ones of high level interest within your marketplace. By commenting, liking, and sharing their posts, your own network soon will begin growing and is going to attract even more followers.

Utilize the proper hashtags for every post

Within the comments area you may take advantage of Instagram’s search feature with the usage of several hashtags which convey what your post is all about.

Invite customers to your conversation

Your brand may stand out on this network by encouraging the community to share their experiences with the brand and provide interesting or fun posts which develop a more personalized image of the brand. Depending upon your niche it’s possible to create something which not just captures their attention, yet appeals to the necessities of your customers.

Frequently be active on your accountGet followers on Instagram  2015

Your brand ought to be making at the minimum of 2 posts a day in the afternoon and morning, and checking for comments upon your feed when you can. It offers a genuine and authentic persona to the community as you build upon your relationships there.


Take full advantage of free tools, too.  There are several excellent available resources which will assist your business in managing and sharing quality content on Instagram. For pictures you may like PicMonkey or Canva, which may be utilized with royalty-free photos from Pixabay. Flipagram now has become a fun and popular tool for video, and Hootsuite, Latergramme, and Iconsquare are going to assist you in managing your network. Reposting applications also are available for both Android and iOS users.


By utilizing these strategies your brand is going to be well on its way to building up a fantastic community on this channel, which is going to attract more sales and leads. Make certain you have a concise description and link to your site, as well as keep track of your progress every month making adjustments as necessary. Instagram isn’t only a thrill to interact on, it’s an amazing marketing machine which brings more visibility to your business.



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