Website Design

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 10:05 am

Have you worked with some ‘web designers’ and had an experience with any of these nightmare stories?

  • Graphic design and website design elements which are not congruent with your company, branding, or quality of services and products;
  • Non-existent or poor search engine rankings due to ineffective SEO (search engine optimization);
  • Landing pages which do not capture leads or convert to sales;
  • Shopping cart systems which do not properly work, are not secure or PCI compliant;
  • Email marketing campaigns which do not generate results, get opened, or get delivered;
  • Mess of domain names, website files, incorrect 301 redirects and additional configuration settings;
  • Data management horror stories;
  • Navigation scheme which is so confusing that visitors cannot find what they are searching for;
  • Website which is not earning you money or serving your traffic with solutions.

If any of these sound familiar, be prepared for a whole new experience.

The issue with most so-called ‘website designers’ is that they usually do not understand the first thing about Search Engine Optimization or Internet marketing. Even worse, most other website design companies lack the marketing expertise and online sales to create a site which will boost traffic, improve conversions and assist you in standing out from your competitors.

How Our Digital Development and Design Solutions Differ

We know that your specific site development and design needs are going to vary depending upon your kind of business, range of services and products, and industry. Whether you run a manufacturing plant, small business, non-profit organization, or offer professional services — high quality marketing and efficient digital services, such as the ones provided by Web Design Empire, are the keys to your business’ success.

Obtain the results deserved from digital development and design experts who do not merely talk about e-commerce and the Internet… they live it. Web Design Empire has created quality sites for various companies in a broad array of industries. We’re able to develop all things from completely customized e-Commerce sites to WordPress Blog CMS (content management system) sites. We know the correct use of multimedia components to enhance a visitor’s experience without having to get seduced by technology aspects which only get in the way of producing any real results.

Web Design Empire may assist you in creating an impressive site which will produce positive results!

  • Boost targeted and organic site traffic to your site
  • Increase sales, capture more leads, and improve conversions
  • Look better than the competition

For more information on our website design services contact one of our friendly Web Design Empire representatives at (03) 8618 6874.