Website Design


Your website is the first impression your company will give. Not only does it need to be attractive but it needs to be easy to use, quick to load and easy to navigate.

Some companies build a website just for the sake of having one while others build a business strategy and the website around it. Companies make basic websites with the minimum amount of informations while others create a central hub of information, impressing clients with a clear message, branding and a call to action providing a clear path of sales or action for visitors.

Marketing has changed and no longer do we go and find clients with letter drops, faxes or cold calls. Marketing is now about being found, providing exactly what your clients wants to see and buy. We provide as much information as needed without confusing your clients. We need to have clear navigation, fast loading and not just pictures trying to make it pretty but slowing down load times.

We need to keep in mind mobile and tablet users, ensuring the website works for them. During 2014 / 2015 mobile search will for the first time overtake desktop search. You need to make sure your clients can see your website, get the information needed and still purchase your services or products.

Social media drives traffic to websites and sharing of your blog is crucial for a strong SEO campaign. Having integrated SEO on your website and sharing enabled is a must to enable this to happen.

Posting a blog or content isn’t as simple as writing a good article. You must understand your audience to know who you are writing for, know what SEO markup to use and what pictures to use.

We can work with your web development company or run the entire build for you.

We are experienced with large custom sites, E-Commerce websites and simple sites using CMS’s such as WordPress, Magento and Joomla.