What is better? Fast or Pretty?

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 4:35 pm

Website Speed 2015Anybody can just purchase one of those do-it-yourself websites and throw something together quickly just to get something up and running, however, is that the best way to go? There is so much competition on the website and in business, in general. It is imperative that you always put your best foot forward as first impression are EVERYTHING! In order to really make an impression on your existing and potential customers, it is better to wait and be patient and get it right the right the first time. Therefore, a highly attractive website is recommended. Here is a list of 5 different reasons why it is beneficial to have an expert web design:

Spotlight your experience with ease

With an expert web design, you have the ability to highlight the tasks you do best – if you are a designer, the design itself highlights your skills and if you are a writer, you have the ability to use an excellent design to spotlight areas you excel at – perhaps setting a call-to-action box up integrated within the design which allows individuals to know what you do and how to hire you.

More eyes + Better design = Increased sales

With your fantastic design, you are attracting visitors from all across the Internet – they want to stare at the gorgeous web design you have on display then, out of nowhere, they are going to get an urge to pull their credit card out their pockets and purchase lots of products.

Less bugs & cross browser compatibility

If hiring somebody who’s good with IE6 yet has yet to hear of the truth that IE8 and IE7 are out, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all are web browsers and they severely are behind the times, how will you expect them to ensure that your site is accessible to the traffic of your website? An expert web designer is going to ensure that your site is extremely viewable on all of the major browsers, thereby providing you the capability of keeping your appearance up in front of everybody who views your website, even the ones viewing within the less-than-popular browsers, like IE6.

Greatly decrease your maintenance time

With an expert web design, the time you actually spent cleaning things up, as well as ensuring everything is up drastically drops, offering you more time to concentrate on those things which matter most –increased visibility, sales, and traffic.

More search engine visibility

Some individuals might not believe it, yet the advantages of an expert website design additionally trickle into your search engine visibility and rankings. For example, a professional website designer is going to ensure the code markup is easy to read and clean – excellent for spiders crawling your page. The additional boost in search visibility derives from all those links and added exposure your site design gets around the Internet – design blogs consistently feature the fabulous designs they find around the Internet and new clients you bring in are going to feature a backlink to your website at the bottom of their website, boosting your back links.