Web Re Marketing

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 12:38 pm

Display re-targeting – i.e., marketing to unconverted website visitors and existing customers – may boost conversion rates 50 percent or more. Website Design Empire delivers successful re-targeting solutions utilizing technical proficiency, careful strategy, accurate messaging and persuasive advertisement design. While working with us, you can expect transparent communication and work, technical expertise, and strategic campaign management in all aspects of the campaign.

Lead Reporting and Validation

Alone amongst re-targeting businesses, we listen to all phone calls and read all form submission that are generated from a re-targeting campaign – then show them in real time via an online dashboard. You then have the ability to assess and take action upon leads as they’re still fresh and we have the ability to optimize the campaign off validated leads rather than basic conversion information.

Strategic Campaign Management

The campaign is coordinated from beginning to end by a dedicated campaign manager who’s adept and experienced at both creating strategy as well as managing communication. It permits for maximal transparency, continuity, and continual improvement.

Technical Experience

Brilliant creative work will just go so far in re-targeting. Without campaign analytics and precise lead tracking, knowing which aspects of a campaign are working and which aren’t is almost impossible. Our in-house staff of technicians and analysts are highly trained, and provide you the accurate information needed to successfully re-target.

Staffed for Re-targeting Success

Website Design Empire’s re-targeting services are executed by a talented staff of Internet marketing experts, which include designers, strategists, developers, analysts, and copywriters. Two of the most vital portions of a successful re-marketing campaign:

  • Design. Website Design Empire’s in-house designers know the principles of CRO (conversion rate optimization) and Web design. Your advertisement is designed not only to turn heads, yet to motivate clicks.
  • Copywriting. Re-marketing advertisements, by nature, will require a powerful message within a fairly small quantity of space. Website Design Empire’s in-house copywriters will work with designers to develop the persuasive, hard-hitting messaging separating a mediocre advertisement from one which increases conversion rates, revenue and leads.

Re-marketing will work by identifying then tracking website visitors and existing customers. Then, we’ll develop and display advertisement to those customers as they visit additional websites. We’ll track conversions to decide which sites and ads are generating the best return on investment – and refine the re-targeting advertisement and ad placements in order to improve results even more.

For more information on our web re-marketing services contact one of our friendly Web Design Empire representatives at (03) 8618 6874.